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Tower Garden

Imagine organic greens grown in your own home!  The Tower Garden will allow you to do it with ease.  Involve your kids in the process.  They will enjoy growing their own food and eating it too.

The Tower Garden uses aeroponics and specially formulated Tower Tonic plant food to grow almost any vegetable, herb, flower, or fruits in less time than it takes in the soil. The Tower Garden can generate up to 30% more produce compared to traditional soil gardening during the same period of time.

The Tower garden gives you more control of your  health by making it easy to grow nutritious, great tasting vegetables and fruits at home.  It is a smart choice for those concerned about their environment and living a healthy life style.

Visit Dr. Eloi-Stiven's website to learn more about the Tower Garden and order your Tower Garden today at

Click on this link to watch a video to see the Tower Garden at work!
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