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Mary Kay Cosmetics

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About Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash earned a place in history when she stepped out in a man's world to blaze a new path for women.  She is recognized today as America's greatest female entrepreneur.  Mary Kay created new opportunities for women around the world. Her revolutionary move led to a multibillion-dollar success. In the process, she earned a place in the hearts of millions for her giving spirit, unwavering values and inspiring belief in the power and potential of women.


  At the time of Ash's death, Mary Kay Cosmetics had over 800,000 representatives in 37 countries, with total annual sales over $2 billion at retail. As of 2008, Mary Kay Cosmetics has more than 1.7 million consultants worldwide and excess in wholesales of 2.2 billion. Mary Kay herself was honored as leading female entrepreneur in American history.


 Mary Kay Cosmetic products are available at Spa Doc, LLC at The Spa Doc Store or can be purchased on-line at her website.   .

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