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IPL Treatments

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

At Spa Doc, LLC, we use the Spectra Clear TM intense pulsed light (IPL) system to reduce unwanted hair.  The system is safe and effective and it works by a LHE (Light Heat Energy) technology to target the melanin in the hair bulb which eventually reduces hair growth. A topical anesthetic is used for pain control. Please call for a free consultation.


Single Session /Package of 8 treatments

Head and Face

Upper Lip                              $40/$320

Chin                                       $40/$320

Sideburns                              $50/$400

Back of neck                        $50/$400

Front of neck                        $50/$400


Torso and Arm

Underarms                            $60/$480

Upper arms                           $80/$640

Forearms                               $80/$640

Back (Full)                            $120/$960

Chest                                      $120/$960

Abdomen                              $120/$960


Legs and Bikini

Bikini                                    $60/$480

Buttocks                              $60/$480

Thighs                                  $80/$640

Lower legs                           $100/$800

Full legs                               $120/$960


Skin Photo-Rejuvenation

Tired of wrinkles, pigmented lesions, and spider veins?  The overall appearance of your skin can improve by a series of treatments using our SpectraClear System. TM


The Light Heat Energy (LHE) technology of SpectraClear will target chromophores such as hemoglobin and melanin to diminish pigmented and vascular lesions.  A controlled thermal injury directed to the reticular and papillary dermis will produce a neo-collagenesis phenomena and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Skin Photo-Rejuvenation/package of 4 treatments

Photo-Rejuvenation           $250

Pigmented Lesions             $200

Vascular Lesions                $200

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